Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss World 1978

Check out Kalpana Iyer 2:48 in the Miss World 1978 competition. She has a very strong accent here but none the less looks absolutley gorgeous!


NN said...

Hi Karen, What happened to your second Hema Malini photo album? There's a link on the page but shows no photos when clicked on. Also, way back, you had a Madhuri Dixit album ... any chance it will be back up?

Keep up the good work!!

Karen said...

the reason that there isonly one Hema Malini album now is because i combined them into one album.i deleted all of the double pictures and am trying to somewhat organize it. the madhuri album has been made private so thats why you cant see it anymore (ill make it unprivate).

NN said...

Ah ha! That's a good idea. I see the difference. I see how you even grouped similar photos together.

I also see that for the ablums at shift431 & lipgloss14, they have been made downloadable again. Thank you so much!! Very helpful! You're probably still in the process of organising and with so many photos, it'll take awhile. So in the future, I'm guessing the ablums at caplocks07 & lipgloss69 will be made downloadable, too. Right?

Karen said...

I won't have the time to do all of this right now cuz Im going on vaction and wont be coming back until March. Ill try to make them downloadble before I leave. Im really happy to know that you enjoy and apperciate the pictures and that your're downloading them.

Bob,s Corner said...

good find karen----last month i got this news---kalpana is in dubai now a days and runs a dance bar there.

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