Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rajesh Khanna's Intimate Scene in New Movie

Living legend Rajesh Khanna is all set to shock all with his new avatar, as the actor has indulged in bold, intimate bedroom scenes with young Pakistani actress Saara Khan in ‘Wafaa’. Directed by item queen Rakhi Sawant’s brother, Rakesh Sawant, the film will see Bollywood’s Kaka smooching the actress, who is reportedly half his age.

When asked if Khanna would be able to give a blush to the ‘serial kisser’ Emran Hashmi with his hot bedroom scenes in the flick, here’s what he said, "The intimate scenes are justified because we are shown as husband and wife. It is a mature love story with bizarre twists. It's a logical demand of the situations where sex plays a pivotal catalyst role and it's not for titillation. The Censor Board has cleared ‘Wafaa’ with an 'A' certificate. After having acted in over 170 movies, I don't need to do a film which has vulgarity as its theme."

In the much talked about film, Khanna will be seen playing a Thailand-based multi-millionaire who meets this scheming sex-starved airhostess desperate to marry him for his money.

Well, after Dharmendra’s intimate smooch with Mallika Sherawat in ‘Kis Kis Ki Kismat’, it’s ‘Kaka’ who’s all set to make a bold and sexy comeback with ‘Wafaa’.

This movie reminds me of his 80's movie 'Red Rose' with Poonam Dhillon. He had some close encounters with her and other actresses in this film. I really liked him in this movie he did a really good job of playing a deranged man.

First there was news about Khanna teasing young girls at a Mumbai hotspot. And now he’s trying hard to make a comeback by playing bold roles. Looks like the man’s missing his youthful days just too much. He simply can’t get over the fact that once upon a time women around the country used to swoon over him!

That’s not all. He’s also acting in the television drama ‘Raghukul Reet Sadaa Chali Aayee’ where Mona Ambegaonkar plays his wife. The TV director says that the script demanded that his wife should be someone much younger to him in the serial too!

Seems the man is trying to forget that he’s a father of grown up girls and a grandpa too now!

He also wants to work with superstar son-in-law Akshay Kumar and says that it would be a casting coup of the former superstar and the current superstar. He’s only waiting for a mind blowing script and Akki’s approval. This guy sure is hellbent on regaining some of his lost youth!

Interveiw Courtsy, Zee News and Bollywood News

I really hope by some divine miracle this movie does not get released I don't know what Rajesh Khanna is thinking but he should really stop with this movie! It's going to make people forget the Rajesh Khanna of yesterday,there ONLY GOING TO REMEMBER THIS CRAP! I would love to see Rajesh and Akshay work together that would amazing, so why doesn't he just wait for a good script instead doing stupid movies like this one. Plus I watched to moive Kis Kis Kismat and I did not see Dharmendra kissing Mallika Shrewat, I even searched it up on youtube and nothing came up! So did these two really kiss for reall or what.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Parveen Babi's TIME Cover Mystery

Ok, i have searced all over the internet twice and i cannot find the Parveen Babi Time cover. First and foremost the accurate date of the cover is all confusin, on some websites it says 1975 and others 1976 or 1977 . So to get the accurate date i went to the Time website and searched her up there, on the website two things come 1 an article of when she died (Milestone) and 2 an article about the Indian film industry in which she is mentioned. In both the milestone and article it does not say anywhere that she was on the cover. The 2 article that she was in (the one about the indian cineama) came out in 1977 and some white lady on the cover. So then after getting fustrated with that i tried to find the newer Aishwariya Rai cover on the time site and I didnt find that eithere, not even on goolgle. So the only explnation that i could find was that both the covers (Parveen's & Aish's) were only reaeased in India and not anywhere else. So if anybody would have any of the covers i would (and I know many others) would really like to see them, so hope somebody posts them soon.

The 1977 Aritcle had this as the cover:

Asia's Bouncing World of Movies article:
The Milestone Article:

Interview with Parveen Babi

Found this interview on youtube and found it very interesting, does anybody know when this was shot? In this interview she look's ok, its just really sad that she left the way she did, all alone. It's just one of the many reminders that all these actors that we look upto are all human just like us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

5 Rifles

Ok, I just got this book from the library called "A Pictorial History of Indian Cinema" and it was published in 1979, so it has a lot of rare pictures that I have never seen before ( I will upload some of the pic later) and well there is one chapter on censorship and in that chapter they have a uncensored pic from the movie 5 RIFLES (by I.S. Johar) in which is quite something. Cuz in Indian films they do show nudity but not like fully, its always covered up or something. But in this picture there's five girls and all of them don't have their tops on, their just standing their with guns. Needless to say this bit isn't in the movie (as I'm told). All the girls to me seem unknown so I thought it would some C grade film and so checked it on and on there it has Shashi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna in it. Well if this kinda of stuff was cut out in the 70's then what kinda of stuff are they cutting out today! Scroll Down and you can see the pic!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Songs from the 90's

Ok so yesterday I had said I wanted to post songs here too for people to download, well today Im going to ! I have given the link below with 5 songs in it ( not my best 5 though) so if people like the songs and are actually downloading them then I will continue posting more but if no one seems interested then its all good and Ill stop!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pyar Ki Yeh Baaten & Meri Zindagi Ke Malik

Would anybody have the song " Pyar Ki Yeh Baaten" (mp3) by Asha Bhonsle from the movie Baazi (1986) and " Meri Zindagi Ke Malik" from the unrealsed ( I think) movie Imaan Beimaan (1997) starring Chunkey Pandey? Just hear the song below it's really really good!

Plus does anybody know of a site were I could upload my songs so people could hear and download them, cuz that's the only thing missing from this blog! I have, well had a very massive collection of songs (computer got rebooted so I lost them) now I have a few and I would like to share them with other people! So if anybody knows of such a website please do let me know! Thanx in advance!

Here's the video for Pyar Ki Yeh Baaten:

Here's the video for Meri Zindagi Ke Malik ( for some reason I get goosebumps listening to this song!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I know this is a big time stretch but would and anybody have scan of the following interview its about a bollywood groupie who claims that she has liaison's with Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar and Feroze Khan. It would be such an awsome interveiw to read. So does anybody have the interveiw and would they be willing to share?

The thing is she isn't even that pretty
That's just downright creepy! See still not pretty even though it looks like a younger pic of her's
What was so special about Rajesh that she slept with him? (If what she is saying is true.)
The article is taken from this magazine

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Revenge At A Wedding!

This has nothing to do with Bollywood, I just thought this was really really funny!

Here is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University.

This was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage at the microphone to talk to the crowd.

He said that he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding.

He especially wanted to thank the bride's and groom's families for coming and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a fabulous reception.

To thank everyone for coming and bringing gifts and everything, he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift from just him. So, taped to the bottom of everyone's chair was a manila envelope, including the wedding party.

He said that this was his gift to everyone, and told everyone to open the envelopes.

Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 picture of his best man having sex with the bride. He had gotten suspicious of the two of them and hired a private detective to trail them weeks prior to the wedding.

After he stood there and watched the people's reactions for a couple of minutes, he turned to the best man and said "Screw you," he turned to the bride and said "Screw you," and then he turned to the dumbfounded crowd and said, "I'm out of here." He had the marriage annulled first thing that Monday morning.

While most of us would have broken off the engagement immediately after finding out about the affair, this guy goes through with it anyway as if nothing was wrong. His revenge?

Making the bride's parents pay over $32,000 for 300 guests at the wedding and reception, letting everyone know exactly what did happen, and, best of all, trashing the bride's and best man's reputations in front of all of their friends, their entire families, i.e. their parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, nieces and nephews, etc.

This guy has balls the size of church bells. This is his world; we just live in it.