Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apradh Lp

Ok so, for the last little while I've been wondering about the Apradh LP. For the one's that do not know the 1972 film of Feroz Khan and Mumtaz...I have a few times seen the ep for Apradh on ebay and popsike but have NEVER seen the LP for Apradh. I don't know from which website I got it but somehow I have very hi res scans (below) of the LP Apradh. Which makes me believe that it exists. After searching for it I have found a few tid bits which are as follow: From MFT3F website a commenter had to say this about the LP:

Sunny: Some proclaim that the Apradh LP was never made, since after making the covers, Feroz Khan had a fallout with the recording company. Others claim the LP was made but, after a few copies, the fallout occurred. Reportedly, Vinod Sonthalia, one of the biggest, if not the biggest collector, of Indian LPs had a copy. Since that gentleman is no more with us (he passed on), we are back to square one. After showing him a picture of the cover at some shop he said: @Karen: That is the cover only. I know the owner, who clarified that he does not have the actual LP. According to him, not a single LP was made

On Orkut, in a discussion, people said:

LP of Apradh never got released.Its only the artwork cover that got released but the film's only vinyl release was in SP & EP. Apradh LP was released , but in Pakistan . U will find the LP as made in Karachi only . The Indian version never got pressed . Only the cover was printed . But it is very very Rare

I have never heard about the Pakistani pressing before, but if its out there I would love to see it! My question is, is there an LP (vinyl and cover) for Apradh or did only the cover come out?

19 comments: said...

hi karen, as far as i know, the lp hasn´t been released. only the covers exist. so same that you know. but some people are working on a reissue, using the best available original covers, which cost some hundred €, only the cover!

Karen said...

Whats baffling about this whole thing is that everyones knows the Feroz Khan was really, really anal about his had to be perfect in every way. So it doesnt make sense why he would just let the lp for the movie just die out like that! Why didnt he go to a different music company?

If the reissue thing is true, them taht would br freakin amazing! I would pay good money for a good product, especially if they tried to do it just like the original!

gabrujat said...

yes it true no lp was released by hmv as i come to know from one of the great collector of vinyl mr. akbar shah(meena bazar delhi]told me the same story he has every single lp ever released in india except lp of apradh however he has the cover of the same

Karen said...

Im starting to get really disheartened now...that really blows that there is no did he get the cover? Back to my original question, if so early on in the gameFeroz Khan had the fight with the music people then why didnt he move on to a different company?

Bob,s Corner said...

karen as far i know-first they planned a lp for apradh-than they withdrew the idea of lp--n issued ep and sp records for apradh---but some 500odd cover were allready printed--so they never issued a lp for apradh--only cover were made---they r still floating among collectors--even i ve one------same was the case with few other films--like aankh micholi etc--there is one more film in same category--palkon ki chaon main---only eps r available---but i d seen da lp when i was a lil kid--a 45 rpm lp--and i ve art cover of that lp(palkon ki chaon main).

Karen said...

Bob,s Corner thank you so much for replying...I knew you would know...this is really crummy to hear that there is no LP! The thing is Apradh was no small budget movie, it was Feroz Khans debut movie and director and producer!!! That he spent money on lavishly! It doesn't add up?

Plus whats an SP?

Bob,s Corner said...

karen sp records is like an ep record a 7inch record(45 rpm)-but u ll find only 2 song on a sp record-one song on each side----and they(sp records) comes in plain covers no photo cover for sp records.

Karen said...

^ Oh, thank you so much...i did not know that at all!

Bob,s Corner said...


Anonymous said...

Apradh was later released on a combo LP (along with Kalyanji-Anandji's "Anjan Rahen").

Hope this helps.

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Anonymous said...

Hi pals. Found another Apradh LP cover in Shah Music center in Mumbay:

Take a look to this video at 2.28:

Cheers, Charly

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