Friday, June 12, 2009

Kishore Kumar A Sikh?

On complete side note doesn't Kishore Kumar look like Mohnish Behl here?

We all know that Kishore Kumar is Bengali but while I was browsing the net I came across this article ( posted by Flexon 001) about Yogeeta Bali and Kishore Kumar's wedding. In the article it says that Kishore converted to Sikhism (Yogeeta is a Sikh) in order to marry Yogeeta in Sikh ceremony. I'm a Sikh myself and I'm pretty sure you do not need to change your religon in order to get married according Sikh customs and rites. If Kishore indeed did do this did he convert back when he divorced? All in all this is an awsome read!

Here's the link for the article:

Check out Shammi Kapoor & Mehmood at the wedding, is Dara Singh the guy sitting behind Shammi?


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

He does look like Mohinish! He changed to Islam when marrying Madhubala, so I can buy that he changed to Sikhism for Bali- but that may mean he changed to Hinduism when he'd marry Lina Chandravarkar in the end :D I could believe anything about the guy- I rather admire his dont-care ways :)

Anonymous said...

A Sikh is only supposed to marry a Sikh. Anyone getting married in a Gurdwara has to be a Sikh by rites.

If a ceremony is conducted in a Gurdwara and one party or the other did not affirm that they are a Sikh, then the Granthi or Gurdwara committee conducted the marriage outside the Rehat Maryada and mainstream Sikh thought.

Mr. Singh
USA & Canada

Karen said...

Shweta thanks for the comment, i dindt know that he converted to Islam too.

And Anonymous thanks for clearly everything up, but from the article it apears that the wedding was done at a home and not at Gurdwara, so does the person still have to be a Sikh?

Anonymous said...

You get married to a person not to a commune.

Ravi Shastri also married a sikhni by Sikh rites.

I don't believe he converted to Sikhism either.

Anonymous said...

firstly, Mr Singh I don't know where you get your ideas from but you dont need to convert to marry in our religion ie sikhism, and secondly there is no term as sikhni! its only sikh, just like islam has no islami and hindu has no hinduini.
and in the pictures it seems he is puttin sindoor in her head which is never done in a sikh marraige so it seems to be a very confused mixed marraige to me.

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