Friday, April 13, 2012

New Interveiw of Divya Bharti's Parents!

Found this today...lots and lost of rare and unseen photographs! This interveiw has been recorded on Feb. 25/2012...Divya's mother says that she's 99% sure that her death was an accident!

After watching this interveiw I do feel that Divya's death might have been an accident. The murder and sucide theroies seem a little far fetched now...her parents loved her and have clearly moved on...if her death had any type of foul play in it, it would have been very obvious her parents still would have been disturbed. The reason people cannot believe/accept that her death was an accident is because it's just to really hurts to relize that she died just because she lost her doesnt seem fair and its just to tragic to fathom....I think the saddest part of this whole thing is that when Divya fell she had managed to hold onto something but alas Neeta Lulla (and maybe her husband) couldn't pull her up. This was mentrioned by Divya Bharti's father in the interview that was done right after her death.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hrithik Roshan Was In A Punjabi Movie!!!

Okay, so I have known about this for a while but I was just too lazy to make a post...Everyone knows that Hrithik had started out has child artist in the 80's with such films as Aap Ke Deewane(1980), Asha (1980) and Bhagwan Dada (1986) but not many people know that he had also done a little number in a Punjabi film!. The movie was called Aasra Pyar Da (1983). In the movie Hrithik has a few second dance cameo! It's the cutest thing ever he's 9 years old. I recall Hrithik even talking about this in some interveiw...he had said that another kid was supposed to do the dance sequence but for some reason he didnt come or got cold feet so he steppted in! The movie starred Raj Babbar, Navin Nischoli, Kirron Kher and Preeti was directed by Hrithik's grandfather J. Om Parkash!

Here's a video clip below, he comes in at 5:16 to 5:30 then 6:23 to 6:28 and then the back of his head at 8:07-8:09. I know you can't really make him out but this is the only video I could find!!!