Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Year was Dil set in?

Ok, so when I watch movies I assume that they are set in the year they where filmed/released, unless it mentions otherwise. Like Dhoom was released in 2004 so I believed that it was set in the year 2004. One day when I was watching Dil (Madhuri Dixit & Aamir Khan) and at one point in the movie Madhu's (Madhuri Dixit) dad is asked Madhu birth date, he says 1981, the thing is that the movie was released in 1990 so by calculations (if she's 18) she's only supposed to be 9 (1981-1990) (if in the film she is 18). but if we go by the date in the film then it would mean that the movie was set in 1999 (1981 + 18). There is nothing 1999 about the movie! Wouldn't it have been easier if they would ave just said that Madhu was born in 1972? I just that it was real weird and un-useful, almost like this post!

P.S. the subtitle is awesome, "...it used to dew."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss World 1978

Check out Kalpana Iyer 2:48 in the Miss World 1978 competition. She has a very strong accent here but none the less looks absolutley gorgeous!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dharmendra Documentary

Ok So I have done this post before about Hamara Dharm, but the video I had linked has been removed so now I have uploaded this video up myself so there will be no more problems.

Again, if anybody has any info on this documentary that would be awsome. All I know is that it was made sometime in the late seventies (I think it was around 1977). I heard that it was made to show Dharmendra in a good light since at this time his affair with Hema Malini was going strong and the public didnt like that. Si that is why it is so family oriented. Anyways I would absolutley love to watch this because I love Dharmendra, I think the only person who will be able to help is going to be Aslijat. But again anything will help!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nalini Jaywant Passes Away

While surfing the net today I found out that 40's and 50's actress Nalini Jaywant passed away, at the age of 84. But that suprising fact was that she died on December 24 2010, thats 8 DAYS AGO! No where in the mainstream media was it mentioned that she passed away, it just goes to show how fickle and cold this industry is. As soon as your out of the limelight your done and the industry has no time for you. No matter how hit movies you have given. Another sad aspect of this whole episode is that, it is said that she had died 3 days earlier but no one knew. Also, when her body was taken, it was taken couvered in her own bedsheet. I wonder what happened or will happen funreal wise.