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Killing my boredom with colorization: Part 1

One day i was bored out of my mind so i decided to color some black and white pictures. I think i did a pretty good job on some of them, so why don't you judge for yourself.

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Rajesh Khanna's Creepy Love Scene

Ok so a while back I told guys about Rajesh Khanna's new movie and how sleazy it seemed with the young girl and hot scene, well now I have seen the pics of the so called hot scene. So naturally I would like to share them with you guys ( if I'm going to have sleepless nights and nightmares I want you guys to have the same!) Seriously im warning you guys if you some of you get scared and disturbed easily do no see the pictures! But first this is what other people have to say:

We were stunned into silence with Amitabh Bachchan's Nishabd.

But our reaction to Wafaa, Rajesh Khanna's answer to Bachchan's May-December romance, has been one of jaw-dropping shock.

The ageing actor, also a grandpa to a reigning superstar's Akshay Kumar's son Aarav, has gone dare-bare with a vengeance. He showers kisses, grabs and bites Pakistani actress Saara, as screenshots from a leaked video reveal. The film's lovemaking (?) scene is neither aesthetic nor appealing. The scenes of the '70s superstar pawing and clawing at a woman half his age are retch-worthy and downright sleazy. What has an actor who gave us memorable performances in films like Aradhana, Amar Prem and Kati Patang been reduced to? It's time to hang up your boots, Mr Khanna, before you embarrass yourself, your family and your few remaining fans any further.

For this pic is the girl wearing something to cover her breast or has it been censored?

Pictures and article courtesy: Masalababes

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The Biggest Star In The World - and she's not in Beverly Hills

So after much demand here's the article, I will try to get a better quality of the image today if I can, but in the meanwhile enjoy the article!

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The Biggest Star in the World....

Guess what I have gotten a hold of? I have gotten a hold of the article printed on Madhubala in Theatre Arts magazine, which w as published in their August issue of 1952. Through this article do you really grasp the kind of power and fan following that Madhubala had in her heyday! This article is truly a delight for people like me, who love any type of literature on the indian film industry! The only thing is that i got a photocopy of the article, and not a scan, so the picture didn't come out to good. The picture is just as good as the article if not better, it's complety unseen and I can say that with 100% certanity. I'll post the article as sson as I see some interest!

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Last Shooting of Divya Bharti (Updated Links)

I was on youtube and came across a video of Diya's last shooting from the movie Laadla, which after her death was left incomplete. I honestly believe that Divya did not die from an accident or sucide. She didn't die by accident because the last person to be with her when she died was Neeta Lulla (Devdas Designer) who said that Divya was sitting in the window of her apartment drunk, and she (Lulla) told her to get down and move away from the window. The next thing she sees his Divya falling out of the window. This cannot be the case because there is another video which shows the apartment complex that she fell from and clearly right under the window is a balcony. Divya should have fallen into the balcony if she had just tipped over, but no she fell over it, which can only mean that she was pushed. Then there is no way Divya could have committed suicide because she had everything going for her. She was number one and her career was only getting better so she had no problem on the professional front. Then there is also the theory of her husband Sajid Nadiadwala, killing her because she wasn't sleeping with people he wanted her to, but I don't think this is the case but I do think that some way or another he might have been involved in her death. Divya's parents have always accused Sajid of having some part in Divya's murder. Then there is always a theory that I have that maybe Lulla and Divya got into an argument and Lulla pushed Divya out, that could be the case also. But I think we will only find the true answer when we go to the golden gates are self!

Last Shooting Video:

The completed Song with Sridevi (I'm guessing this is song, from the way Divya was acting, it seems like it was this song and if so they totally reworked it):

Video of the building Divya fell from(You guys might tissues for this one, plus this will make you depressed):

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Updates Made!

I just upload new stuff into the Movies category, every album has had new pics added to them. Hope everybody enjoys them! Here is the link o the albums:

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Hema & Dharmendra's Interveiw from 1976

I bought the October issue of Cineblitz a few days ago, and in it was an old interview of Dharmendra and Hema Malini. It's about what could of happened if Dharmendra was single and what kind of relationship the two shared!

In this interview you can completely tell they are head over heels in love with each other, its just so much fun to read this with 20/20 hindsight vision!

Monday, November 10, 2008

On the Sets of Jaanwar

Here are a few behind the scenes pics from the 1965 film Janwaar which starred Rajshree and Shammi Kapoor

Courtesy: Papa Ajoba

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Parveen Babi's TIME Cover Mystery

Ok, i have searced all over the internet twice and i cannot find the Parveen Babi Time cover. First and foremost the accurate date of the cover is all confusin, on some websites it says 1975 and others 1976 or 1977 . So to get the accurate date i went to the Time website and searched her up there, on the website two things come 1 an article of when she died (Milestone) and 2 an article about the Indian film industry in which she is mentioned. In both the milestone and article it does not say anywhere that she was on the cover. The 2 article that she was in (the one about the indian cineama) came out in 1977 and some white lady on the cover. So then after getting fustrated with that i tried to find the newer Aishwariya Rai cover on the time site and I didnt find that eithere, not even on goolgle. So the only explnation that i could find was that both the covers (Parveen's & Aish's) were only reaeased in India and not anywhere else. So if anybody would have any of the covers i would (and I know many others) would really like to see them, so hope somebody posts them soon.

The 1977 Aritcle had this as the cover:

Asia's Bouncing World of Movies article:
The Milestone Article:

Interview with Parveen Babi

Found this interview on youtube and found it very interesting, does anybody know when this was shot? In this interview she look's ok, its just really sad that she left the way she did, all alone. It's just one of the many reminders that all these actors that we look upto are all human just like us.

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5 Rifles

Ok, I just got this book from the library called "A Pictorial History of Indian Cinema" and it was published in 1979, so it has a lot of rare pictures that I have never seen before ( I will upload some of the pic later) and well there is one chapter on censorship and in that chapter they have a uncensored pic from the movie 5 RIFLES (by I.S. Johar) in which is quite something. Cuz in Indian films they do show nudity but not like fully, its always covered up or something. But in this picture there's five girls and all of them don't have their tops on, their just standing their with guns. Needless to say this bit isn't in the movie (as I'm told). All the girls to me seem unknown so I thought it would some C grade film and so checked it on and on there it has Shashi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna in it. Well if this kinda of stuff was cut out in the 70's then what kinda of stuff are they cutting out today! Scroll Down and you can see the pic!

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Songs from the 90's

Ok so yesterday I had said I wanted to post songs here too for people to download, well today Im going to ! I have given the link below with 5 songs in it ( not my best 5 though) so if people like the songs and are actually downloading them then I will continue posting more but if no one seems interested then its all good and Ill stop!

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Pyar Ki Yeh Baaten & Meri Zindagi Ke Malik

Would anybody have the song " Pyar Ki Yeh Baaten" (mp3) by Asha Bhonsle from the movie Baazi (1986) and " Meri Zindagi Ke Malik" from the unrealsed ( I think) movie Imaan Beimaan (1997) starring Chunkey Pandey? Just hear the song below it's really really good!

Plus does anybody know of a site were I could upload my songs so people could hear and download them, cuz that's the only thing missing from this blog! I have, well had a very massive collection of songs (computer got rebooted so I lost them) now I have a few and I would like to share them with other people! So if anybody knows of such a website please do let me know! Thanx in advance!

Here's the video for Pyar Ki Yeh Baaten:

Here's the video for Meri Zindagi Ke Malik ( for some reason I get goosebumps listening to this song!)

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I know this is a big time stretch but would and anybody have scan of the following interview its about a bollywood groupie who claims that she has liaison's with Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar and Feroze Khan. It would be such an awsome interveiw to read. So does anybody have the interveiw and would they be willing to share?

The thing is she isn't even that pretty
That's just downright creepy! See still not pretty even though it looks like a younger pic of her's
What was so special about Rajesh that she slept with him? (If what she is saying is true.)
The article is taken from this magazine

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Revenge At A Wedding!

This has nothing to do with Bollywood, I just thought this was really really funny!

Here is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University.

This was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage at the microphone to talk to the crowd.

He said that he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding.

He especially wanted to thank the bride's and groom's families for coming and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a fabulous reception.

To thank everyone for coming and bringing gifts and everything, he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift from just him. So, taped to the bottom of everyone's chair was a manila envelope, including the wedding party.

He said that this was his gift to everyone, and told everyone to open the envelopes.

Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 picture of his best man having sex with the bride. He had gotten suspicious of the two of them and hired a private detective to trail them weeks prior to the wedding.

After he stood there and watched the people's reactions for a couple of minutes, he turned to the best man and said "Screw you," he turned to the bride and said "Screw you," and then he turned to the dumbfounded crowd and said, "I'm out of here." He had the marriage annulled first thing that Monday morning.

While most of us would have broken off the engagement immediately after finding out about the affair, this guy goes through with it anyway as if nothing was wrong. His revenge?

Making the bride's parents pay over $32,000 for 300 guests at the wedding and reception, letting everyone know exactly what did happen, and, best of all, trashing the bride's and best man's reputations in front of all of their friends, their entire families, i.e. their parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, nieces and nephews, etc.

This guy has balls the size of church bells. This is his world; we just live in it.

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Whatever happened to....... Sulakshana Pandit

This is one of the saddest interveiws ever! It's so bad that she has been so badly treated by life, such a famous actress of her time who lives like she has never earned or done anything in her life!

I hesitate to enter the open doorway before me. Surely no one could be living here. The walls are bare, the rooms bereft of furniture, clothes lie strewn all over the floor. A door on the right leads to the kitchen, in which I can see only a gas stove. A meal couldn't have been cooked here in months. As I move warily into the living room, my escort addresses a figure on the four-seater sofa that has obviously seen better days. "There's someone to meet you." The face that looks at me is familiar. But a far cry from the Sulakshana Pandit I knew, a woman who loved piling on the make- up, the clothes, the jewelery. The woman in front of me is dressed in a faded nightie teamed with a salwar, her neck weighed down by a massive brass figurine of Balaji hanging on a nada . The one thing that's intact about Sulakshana is her complexion. She may well have just stepped out of the beauty parlor after an expensive facial. Her glazed eyes try to focus on the unaccustomed sight of a visitor and when I introduce myself, she excuses herself to freshen up. I look around the living room. It is a large one by Mumbai standards--two flats have been combined to make up one comprising around 2000 square feet. Parts of the false ceiling have given way. There are no lights or fans. A wall unit stands, bare. A huge Ganpati calendar is stuck on the wall near a window that opens onto the sea. Returning, Sulakshana leads me to a smaller room. Here, too, pieces of cloth lie scattered on the floor. A wall cupboard has obviously been removed from the room, but a full length mirror still dominates a wall. She promptly heads for it to check her face. And then gestures me to sit down on the floor for a chat. (In her heyday spots boys probablt rushed to get her chairs and now she can't even provide her company any!)

"How I wish I'd won some prestigious awards so that film-makers and music directors would know that I'm still around," she sighs (She did get the Filmfare award in 1976 for best Femal Singer for "Tu Sagar Hai" from Sankalp)
. "Somehow, I stopped getting work quite some time ago. But people still tell me that I have a good voice and that I should return to playback singing. "Whenever I'm alone, I go to my shack on the beach and sing with my harmonium or tanpura. I know I can no longer return to lead roles in Hindi films but my voice is still good." In her days, Sulakshana acted in over 50 films with the top heroes and banners of the time. She sang most of her own songs and, apart from the solos, had the opportunity to sing with Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh and Manna Dey.

She longs to sing again. "I'd feel highly obliged if my brothers (composers Jatin-Lalit), Anu Malik or A R Rahman gave me a chance," she says softly. "My brothers feel I'm not big enough a name today. I agree that they needed to work with
well- established singers like Kavita Krishnamoorthy and Alka Yagnik when they were just starting out and needed to find a foothold in showbiz. But once they'd done that, they could have given me some songs to sing. Lataji is still going strong at 70-plus. I'm only 40-plus. If they'd helped me out, I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in today. But I'm glad that the singers my brothers have worked with have brought them popularity." She then recalls the day Jatin had come over to show her his new car. "He asked me whether I'd like to keep it. Of course I couldn't. As it is, I hardly go out. He needs it more. I love Jatin, he's the son I never had," she smiles faintly. And says in an aside, "I wish they'd been given Devdas to score. They would have been ideal since we belong to Kolkata and they have the necessary classical background." A long pause. Then, tears welling up, she gasps, "I've been very upset ever since my mother passed away three years ago. A very spiritual lady, she was the one who provided me with strong moral support all through my life. There's been no one to look after me since. Zindagi veerana ho gayee hai. Wiping her eyes, she continues, "I know it's said that I'm pagal but that's not true. Music is constantly on my lips. And like so many other singers, I use my hands freely while singing. Is that pagalpan? Well, dil to pagal hai hi. Those who call me insane are just jealous of me. By the grace of God, I'm okay."

Sitting up suddenly, she says with a determined look, "It was from my mother that I learnt never to give up. Even after my father left us, she single-handedly brought up the seven of us-- three brothers and four sisters. I looked after my brothers and sisters, I did whatever my mother asked me to do for them, no questions asked. But I'm not God, I'm just a human being. I've learnt that helping your family is fine but that you have to think of yourself and your last days too." For now, she has her elder sister, Maya, and her 20-year-old nephew Varun living with her. She tells me pointedly, "But I haven't asked anyone for money. Roti-dal to kha hi leti hoon. I've done a lot for others. I'm confident that when I die, my brothers and sisters from the film industry will mourn me. The colleagues I worked with were always nice to me, they respected me. In fact, they're upset that I no longer have a car or even a telephone. But I'm above such material things." How does she manage to survive? By Sulakshana's account, Jatin and Lalit give her some money every month. Her sisters--Vijayeta and Sandhya--help, too. Vijayeta provides the rations and visits her while Sandhya pays her electricity bill, she says.

Tears flood her eyes yet again as she veers off into a memory and confides: "I
loved Sanjeev Kumar so much. He was so nice. He'd given me a set made with yellow sapphires. But he spoiled my life. One day, after his bypass operation, we had gone to a Hanuman mandir in Delhi. I told him that I loved him and asked him to put sindoor in my parting. I told him to marry me so that I could look after him. But he refused, saying that he could never forget his first love, Hema Malini. He used to cry for her. His death shattered me." She reflects, "Life is so short. Why fight? Each one of us has to go some day. What do you get by hurting others? Why get into yeh tera hai, yeh mera hai? Iske saath kaam karo, uske saath nahin. Why such politics? That's a dirty game. Keep away from it." Music is her only solace, she says. Whenever reality gets too much to bear, she sings herself a song from Hum Dono; she calls it the song of her life:

Mein zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya Har fikra ko dhuen mein udata chala gaya Barbadiyon ka sog manana fizul tha Barbadiyon ka jashna manata chala gaya Jo mil gaya ussiko muqaddar samajh liya Jo kho gaya main usko bhula ta chala gaya Gham aur khushi mein farqa na mehsus ho jahan Mein dil ko us maqaam pe laata chala gaya... Her song plays in my mind as I prepare to make my exit. She waits with me for the lift. "It was nice speaking to you," she smiles. "Dil halka hua."

- Meera Joshi

More on Sulaskshana from Wikipedia:
She was forced to put it up for sale, and it remained on the market for several months, until finally her former leading man Jeetendra came to her rescue by convincing his brother-in-law to purchase the flat. From the proceeds of the sale, she was able to pay off her debts and purchase three apartments.Her sister Vijeta Pandit and brother-in-law, music composer Aadesh Shrivastava took her in and are helping her get back on her feet. Aadesh has indicated that he was composing a devotional album for Sulakshana.Recent update: Unfortunately, Sulakshana has since been able to retain only one of the new flats, as an older brother and other sisters stole most of the proceeds from the sale of her flat.

I truly wonder what crime she committed in what lifetime that she is paying for them in this lifetime!

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Rekha and her Men

SHE was just a fifteen - year - old with an enviable bust line (read forty-two), when she first landed in Bombay fresh out of the starched uniform of some convent school in Madras.

It was in the winter of '68 that Mohan Segal signed Rekha for her first Hindi movie opposite Navin Nischol: The name Sawan Bhadon. A party was thrown to introduce her to the press.
Most newcomers are shy and hesitant. Not Rekha. Her answers to all questions were bold and spoken out. And as the intake of pegs by our brethren of the Fourth Estate increased, so did their questions grow bolder. Yet Rekha was never at a loss for the quick retort.

By the time that party was over no doubts remained that she had won the journalists completely over. They had never encountered anyone, new or old, who was as frank and fearless as this brash, young girl-woman. Could this outspoken fifteen-year-old have been coached to say the boldest things? I doubt it. The girl had apparently seen life raw and lived it to the full even before catching that plane to Bombay. She knew how to speak for herself.

Sajid Khan

The Sawan Bhadon unit did not immediately leave for location shooting in Poona. In the meantime, Mohan Segal had put up Rekha and her mother at a posh hotel in Juhu. Rekha was given tuition to perfect her Hindi diction, and her dancing.
It was during this period that Sajid Khan had just returned from the States after making a big name for himself there.

Rekha spotted him one morning at Mehboob Studios.It was the blast-off for her first serious friendship,I remember Rekha's words clearly when she set eyes on him, because I was around then and saw what occurred."Oh my God!" this was said with awe and reverence. "That's Sajid Khan? He's my favourite! I'm in love with him! I have collected every photograph of his!"She scrambled out of the van in which she had driven into the studio compound and ran straight up to Sajid Khan. And that was that!

There followed a rapid succession of midnight rendezvous; midnight-to-hell drives; and nine o'clock pairs to parties. Sajid was the more experienced of the two-I mean, he'd been in permissive America and all that. Rekha accompanied him everywhere he went. How can you blame a poor girl who finds herself face to face with the idol of whom she's dreamed for nights without end? Their dosti went on strong until Rekha had to go to Poona for a month-long location-shooting of Sawan Bhadon. Sajid obviously couldn't tag along, nor was Rekha a big enough star to demand that the unit take her boy-friend along, as well.
So exit Sajid Khan and enter Navin Nischol.

Navin Nischol

Poona and Sawan Bhadon brought Rekha face to face with the handsome, sleek and suave Navin (he'd just that year finished at the Poona Film Institute). Rekha was bowled over.

Two things, however, apparently deterred Navin from Rekha. Firstly, his wife was present on location. And secondly, this brash girl was apparently more crude and earthy than the suave connoisseur's tastes would permit. And her behavior was too school-girlish. Rekha, always a frank and forthright, made it clear that she liked him a lot. But Navin coolly resisted all invitations in Poona, at least. Location shooting over, Navin and Rekha returned to Bombay where our heroine again took up the old continuity with first flame. Sajid, who had earlier once confessed that she was more than he could handle, now started to cling to her in the hope that she might be good for his career.

The second stage of Sawan Bhadon now commenced-the indoor shooting stage. So again, enter Navin and exit Sajid. Every arrow in Cupid's bow was shot at the new target, Navin, who had first resisted but now relented.

A man's a man, after all! They met mostly after shooting (most of the indoors of Sawan Bhadon were done at Roop Tera Studios) in Navin's car parked in nooks and crannies of the Western Express Highway. They also had to attend premieres and film-functions together. One pretty air-hostess who had flown them Air-India from Bombay to Delhi told me that they were very lovey-dovey throughout the flight (under cover of an open newspaper, of course!)

Did they tire of one another? Or did Rekha realize that Navin, being a married man wouldn't be able to go far with her? Whatever be the real reason for the break-up, the fact is that one night after quite a few pegs Navin con?fessed that "she drained me." The sentence speaks for itself.

Sawan Bhadon was a thumping success. It celebrated silver jubilees everywhere. It was the first non-star cast, low-budget movie to break the stranglehold of big star-cast productions. And it propelled two newcomers to stardom's dizzy heights. Both Navin and Rekha signed up movies by the dozen.


Rekha now signed up with her new friend, philosopher and guide (no, not Mohan Seghal) Kuljit Paul, who had taken charge of her affairs (read business) and consequently management of her finances too. Naturally, he starred Rekha in his own movie, a pot-boiler called Anjana Safar ( later retitled Do Shikari), and Biswajit as the leading-man. It was he who gave Rekha her first kiss-her first screen kiss, I mean-by creeping up behind her, swinging her into his arms and grinding his lips on hers.

Biswajit really must have dynamite in his lips (because his are certainly not the sexiest ones around) for poor Rekha apparently fainted off right away! And, to cap it all, LIFE Magazine did a feature showing a photograph of hers in that kiss-and-faint scene!
So enter Biswajit!

Rekha went about promoting her friendship with Biswajit very quickly. She was always at his house (Biswajit's wife was always in Calcutta) while the friendship lasted, which wasn't very long. It cooled off rapidly too-perhaps because by then Biswajit's professional career had begun its sharp nosedive-and both Rekha and Biswajit became really good friends in the most innocent sense of that term!


When producer B. N. Ghosh (he was Jeetendra's secretary) teamed Rekha with Jeetendra in his movie Ek Bechara in 1970, Rekha was a very popular star, while Jeetu had had flops all around him like nine pins, after his huge initial success in Farz. A smooth and fast worker is our acrobatic hero, Jeetendra. So when he started making advances to her, poor girl, she was easily fooled into thinking it was love. Rekha gives of her heart and her emotions easily. But Jeetu was in it for the publicity value of the romance, to help bolster his sagging star career. Luckily Ek Bechara was moderately successful, so Jeetu and Rekha were again teamed together by producer Kundan Kumar in Anokhi Ada.

Half-way through this movie, a sudden crack appeared in their relationship. The rift widened rapidly and noticeably until the chasm between them became unbridgeable. It is said that it was entirely the man's fault. The unit boys and invisible workers, who watch everything most observantly on all studio sets, reported in to say that he used to treat her like a doormat.

One day, while shooting on a huge set with about a hundred junior artistes also present, Jeetendra was heard to remark (unintentionally loud) to his hangers-on what he thought of her. Rekha heard that. And it hurt, badly. Like a wounded deer she fled from the sets into her makeup room, flung herself on the couch and sobbed her heart out. She never spoke to Jeetendra again, and she will never speak to him for the rest of her life.

Anokhi Ada was completed with the utmost difficulty. Whatever romance and love scenes you saw in that movie after the interval were just put-ons for the benefit of the cameras. During the shooting, after every take, they would not look at one another. That chapter in her life was closed for ever. The end of the Jeetendra friendship found Rekha at the height of mental suffering, misery and emotional insecurity.

Shatrughan Sinha

The film industry is notorious for wolves on the prowl and Rekha was the easy victim. People who I know to be scum of the filthiest order exploited this gullible and ge?nerous-hearted girl and cheated her out of lakhs of rupees. It was inevitable that there be some reaction. There was. Rekha had a nervous breakdown, and when she surfaced Shatrughan Sinha was there to give her a consoling arm. It is to the credit of Shatru that though a blabber-mouth by nature, he kept very quiet about Rekha and himself, even though he needed the publicity very, very badly at that time. That news of it broke out subsequently was no fault of his.

In the movie industry people do get to know about each others affairs. Remember, movie land comprises of only about fifty news makers. In due course, the infatuation between Shatru and Rekha also fizzled out and today they're merely good friends-and also good co-workers. They're starring together in a couple of movies now on the floors.

I didn't know they were ever together until this article!

Vinod Mehra

Approximately at this time the first genuine lover she's ever had entered Rekha's life -Vinod Mehra, a gentleman to his fingertips. Who spotted who is immaterial now, but neither of them could live without the other. They were seen everywhere together- holding hands, smooching, necking, driving around in Vinod's Volkswagen, having dinner in the wee hours of the morning in a cozy corner of the Shamiana. They were so close to one another that Rekha was also the unofficial hostess at Vinod's sister's marriage-and that's saying a hell of a lot!

Whenever Rekha came in for criticism, Vinod Mehra was always there to defend her, both verbally and in print.

He was the first genuine guy who loved Rekha for Rekha's sake - not for Rekha, the famous. His was the only serious concern in the vast ocean of hypocritical and money-motivated love, which lapped all around this good-hearted but foolish girl. But there was one hitch. Vinod's mother did not want Rekha as her bahu. She kept discouraging Vinod, but he was adamant. At one stage Rekha wanted him to choose -beloved or mother. I believe Vinod skirted this ultimatum by persuading Rekha to bide her time while he tried to heal the rift between mother and sweetheart.

Yash Kohli

(this is from Annual Women Leaders In India Summit June 2014)

The wait was a long wait. It appeared to stretch right up to forever-and Rekha's one hell of an impatient gal! And then suddenly this dashing young fellow called Baba appeared on the scene. He sprouted out of the Nav Ketan office one fine morning, where he had been planted by Uncle Dev Anand to look after his business affairs. Yash Kohli (for that is Baba's real name) soon became a producer and naturally -starred Rekha in his movie Double Cross. Inevitably, the Rekha-Baba romance hit sensation-hungry headlines. Yash Kohli is kind, large-hearted, ever-smiling and perfect company, and this sort of nature has always strongly appealed to Rekha.

Whenever Vinod Mehra was away from Bombay either for location shootings or to attend film premieres in other cities, Rekha could be seen with Yash Kohli at this or that restaurant, hotel, or in his black Fiat. She was soon dividing her time evenly between Baba and Vinod. Rekha must have by then given up hopes that Vinod's mother would ever agree to have her as a bahu. Rekha's outbursts against Vinod's mother continued and, as usual, Vinod maintained a discreet silence about everything and continued to defend Rekha in public. Even after that now immortal "poisoned upma" episode it was Vinod Mehra who called the press conference. Wasn't all this manifestation of the total love that he bore for her?

Did Vinod and Rekha get married secretly? Apparently they did, in Calcutta. The latest gossip indicates that they are both seeking a divorce. And the split is now final because Vinod, when he took up with Rekha, never dated anybody else. He is now occasionally seen dating Zahida, or and this or that girl. Rekha did the most foolish thing of her twenty-one years when she ditched Vinod. He was the only man who had brought some sort of stability to her stress-filled and chaotic life.

Kiran Kumar

Rekha's latest is now Kiran Kumar. He, who had once declared that he would marry Yogeeta, now took Rekha's hand in his own and her head on his shoulders. Vinod Mehra and Kiran Kumar had once been on the best of terms, so much so that each used to confide to each other about their respective loves. I do not know who the villain of the piece is -if there is one-or did Rekha on the rebound throw herself into the nearest available arms? Only time will tell.

Rekha insists that her true love was always Yash Kohli and that she had been leading Vinod Mehra on as she is leading Kiran Kumar on now. "I don't even feel anything for the boy (Kiran)," Rekha says. She just did it to make Baba jealous.

"I've lived a facade," Rekha says, "and no one is more miserable than me today."

The big question is: can Rekha ever hold on to anybody for good? Why does she feel this compulsive need to flit from man to man in search of some ultimate gratification she never seems to find? Will she ever find the perfect a man? Or will her life be one long quest-always seeking, never finding?

Rekha is a nice girl. True, she never had much of adolescence, with the spotlights beckoning her at such a tender age. No doubt, she is flying high but with broken wings, regrets and memories that will make her toss and turn through countless sleepless nights.

Though the original story published then in CineBlitz ends here, but destiny was fast paving way for Rekha to find the man with whom her romance and association would be remembered for years to come. Rekha and Amitabh fell in love and still are one of the most written about couples the industry ever saw.
Lets not also forget that in 1990 she married Mukesh Aggarwal, who then later in 1991 committed suicide.

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