Thursday, July 19, 2012

RIP Rajesh Khanna

Too sad for words. You are very missed.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apradh Lp

Ok so, for the last little while I've been wondering about the Apradh LP. For the one's that do not know the 1972 film of Feroz Khan and Mumtaz...I have a few times seen the ep for Apradh on ebay and popsike but have NEVER seen the LP for Apradh. I don't know from which website I got it but somehow I have very hi res scans (below) of the LP Apradh. Which makes me believe that it exists. After searching for it I have found a few tid bits which are as follow: From MFT3F website a commenter had to say this about the LP:

Sunny: Some proclaim that the Apradh LP was never made, since after making the covers, Feroz Khan had a fallout with the recording company. Others claim the LP was made but, after a few copies, the fallout occurred. Reportedly, Vinod Sonthalia, one of the biggest, if not the biggest collector, of Indian LPs had a copy. Since that gentleman is no more with us (he passed on), we are back to square one. After showing him a picture of the cover at some shop he said: @Karen: That is the cover only. I know the owner, who clarified that he does not have the actual LP. According to him, not a single LP was made

On Orkut, in a discussion, people said:

LP of Apradh never got released.Its only the artwork cover that got released but the film's only vinyl release was in SP & EP. Apradh LP was released , but in Pakistan . U will find the LP as made in Karachi only . The Indian version never got pressed . Only the cover was printed . But it is very very Rare

I have never heard about the Pakistani pressing before, but if its out there I would love to see it! My question is, is there an LP (vinyl and cover) for Apradh or did only the cover come out?