Monday, December 15, 2008

The Biggest Star in the World....

Guess what I have gotten a hold of? I have gotten a hold of the article printed on Madhubala in Theatre Arts magazine, which w as published in their August issue of 1952. Through this article do you really grasp the kind of power and fan following that Madhubala had in her heyday! This article is truly a delight for people like me, who love any type of literature on the indian film industry! The only thing is that i got a photocopy of the article, and not a scan, so the picture didn't come out to good. The picture is just as good as the article if not better, it's complety unseen and I can say that with 100% certanity. I'll post the article as sson as I see some interest!


Bollywood said...
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Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I have interest.
I have interest.
I have interest.
I have interest.
I have interest.
I guess this still counts as 1 vote, not 4, but I tried- rofl :)

Bollyviewer said...

Me too! I want to know ALL about Madhubala.

Kanan said...

Thanks in advance for all the Bollywood love. :)

Anonymous said...

Please post the article. I am interested.

Karen said...

I didn't expect to get so many comments in such short time, so as per wishes I will post the article !

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