Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview with Parveen Babi

Found this interview on youtube and found it very interesting, does anybody know when this was shot? In this interview she look's ok, its just really sad that she left the way she did, all alone. It's just one of the many reminders that all these actors that we look upto are all human just like us.


Kanan said...

Wow.. what a sweetheart. The way she talks is so polite and absolutely from heart. Thanks for putting this up, Karen. I did notice that even though Shekhar spoke some Hindi, she didn't. And she admitted that she was quite western. It's so disappointing that she didn't have anyone to share such precious life of hers.

Karen said...

Its is, she spoke English very very well, if you didn't know her you would never think that she spoke just as good Hindi. I didn't know that she was this westernized.

TNL said...

I've always found her intriguing...and have been a fan ever since I was a kid. That interview was wonderful...she was quite the classy lady. I hope her soul is at peace.